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knack / (næk) / noun / a skillful, ingenious, or resourceful way of doing something. 

Restaurant, Nightclub, Food Service, Food Delivery
Sports, Recreation and Sponsorship Promoters
Retail Shopping and Merchandising
Musicians and Entertainers
Graphic Designers, Photographers, and Printing Press Professionals
Event Coordinators, Wedding Planners, and Catering
Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
Health, Wellness and Beauty
Membership Organizations, Clubs, and Religious Groups
Farming, Ranching, and Veterinary Services
Environment and Building Maintenance, Repairs, Remediation, Hydrologists, Geologists and Archeologis
Air, Sea, Ground Transportation and Mechanic Technicians
Gas, Electric, Water, Solar, Cable, Sewer and Waste Management Providers
Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Contract and Subcontract Builders
Real Estate Sales and Property Management
Advertising and Content Publishers
Sales and Marketing Teams
Social Media, TV, Radio Influencers
E-Commerce Masters, Marketplace Facilitators, Merchant Payment Processors
Inventory Control and Logistics, Inventory POS Systems Merchants, and Wholesales Distribution Partne
Web Hosting, Web Design, App and Software Developers
Internet and Cyber Security Specialists
Social Welfare, Non Profit Organizations, EMS, and Assistance Leagues
Medical, Dental, Vision, Nurse Providers, Psychology, Pharmaceutical
Insurance and Warranty Services
Administrative Assistants, and C-Suite Executives
Trust, Investment and Benefit Fiduciaries
Law Practitioners, Politicians, Federal, State and Local Employees
Certified Public Accountants, Tax Preparers, Independent Auditors and Payroll Providers
Capital Funding, Bank Lenders, Angel Investors, Crypto Currency
Financial Planning and Analysis Consultants, Accountants and Bookkeepers
Franchise Operations and Sales, Mergers and Acquisition Consultants

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