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Our monthly fixed-priced Plans are designed to empower the budget-conscious business.  You know what you pay and when you pay. 


Our Loyalty Program is designed to reward you after three months, by giving you an additional 10% off your plan for the 4th month. 
More rewards will follow for your continued loyalty and confidence in our services.
Our clients are the best part of our business!

Let us help you decide the best plan for your business. Schedule an initial consultation today.

Time is Money

Onboard & Onward

Once you've purchased a plan you will schedule an onboarding session with your dedicated bookkeeper within 4 business days. During onboarding, you and your bookkeeper will go over the specifics of your business, your bookkeeper will guide you in connecting your bank accounts, credit cards, and apps to the banking center, enroll your business in automatic bank statement uploads (if available), set up your payroll (if you registered), and review app integrations designed for your unique business automation needs.

After your onboarding session, make time for you and your business's success.  Your bookkeeping is performed on a regular monthly schedule.  You will only need to respond to questions your bookkeeper sends regarding transactions, upload any additional documents requested, and wait for your monthly management reports to be sent to you, all within the software!  You can schedule a time to meet with your bookkeeper whenever the need arises, or your bookkeeper may request time to meet with you.  Either way, we are on time, on task, and accessible to your business.

Onboarding Documents

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